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ADC set up time


I'm using the program DWFCMD.exe and the analogin.txt file (from the directory C:\Program Files\Digilent\WaveFormsSDK\samples\dwfcmd) to acquire data from the Analog Discovery 2 channel 1. The file analogin.txt file has a comment that says, "#Wait a bit for device analog circuit to stabilize" and then is followed by a 2 second pause.

Is the 2 second pause necessary?  I would like to use a much smaller pause here, or none at all.


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I'm a little surprised the helpful people of Digilent haven't chimed in yet, so I'll offer my view instead. First of all, I have not used DWFCMD.exe, so take what I offer with that in mind. The way I interpret the comment you've quoted from analogin.txt is that this is a wait intended to allow your analog circuit to stabilize. The supplied two second pause was probably put in there to guarantee it is fully stabilized before continuing. If you find you don't need such a long soak time, I'd suggest you go ahead and reduce this wait time.

You could try reducing the wait time until the results you get are no longer repeatable or accurate. Then pad the time up a bit again to ensure ample stability in your device.

Hope this makes sense and that it helps,


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Hi @Phil_D

After power-up, software connection to the device the Scope offset needs to stabilize for the accuracy of the capture.
The Scope and AWG offset changes also needs about 1-2 seconds of stabilization time.
There is no need to wait between consequent captures.

The AD2 Scope offset settling after connection looks like this:




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