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Differences in Max32 and chipKIT Max32


I have at least 4 older chipKIT Max32s and a few Network shields for Ethernet and the CAN buses.  Can I use the older Network shields on the newest Max32s from Digilent?

Also, I will be creating my own shield soon, which will have 2 x CAN, 1 x RS485, at least one dsPIC for 2 x QEI communicating serially to the Max32, and use at least 4 PWMs,  Are there differences in the shields?  If I design a shield for the older chipKIT, will it work on the newest Max32?

Is there a change log for the changes between the Max32s?  It would be nice if the outside headers are in the same location and the pin-out is identical.

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Hi @RobotBuilder,

My understanding is that the chipKIT Max32 and new Max32's are the same except in branding.

The only physical hardware change that I have seen happen on the Max32s (between Rev D and Rev E while they were both still branded as chipKIT, Rev E has a schematic date of 2014 and Rev D a date of 2012) was the addition of J18 which routed out SCL1 and SDA1 to a second location in addition to their locations on silkscreen pins 20 and 21 on header J4. It looks like based on the schematics there was also some sort change in the internal port naming, seen on Port F where it was changed from
"SDA3A/SDI3A/U3ARX/PMA9/CN17/RF4" for the U3ARX line on Rev D to
"SDA5/SDI4/U2RX/PMA9/CN17/RF4" for the U3ARX line on Rev E. Since they maintained the same external name and RF4 in both situations, I imagine most functionality remained the same, though I will have to confirm that between the two revisions. I am not aware of any readily available change log for this.

But to answer your direct question, no, there are not any changes physical changes from the chipKIT Max32 to the Digilent Max32; the functionality will be the same for both of them so you will be able to use a Network Shield as well as a new shield that is confirmed to be working on a older branded Max32 without any problems.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.


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we are looking to purchase some Max32 new board to be implemented in testing bench.
We are interested to use it due to LINX so that we could be able to control it from labview , but we found in digilent website that the previous version which is compatible with linx was retired, and for the newest board there is no information that it's compatible too with LINX we are looking to get this information. @JColvin  do you have a idea about my issue . thank you for advance

Best regards

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Like James said, they are the same products, just re-branded. If they have Chipkit Max32 Rev E, It's the same with the Max32. All the products from the Chipkit line were re-branded but they are the same. 

As a distributor they can make an order to Digilent for a specific product if they don't have it, but like I said, just the box and the inscription on the board are different.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


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