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reset signal in rgb2dvi IP



I am back to working with customizing the rgb2dvi IP. As mentioned in an earlier post, I made the changes in .vhd files, and I set the compile order of the .xdc files. I wrote a simple video generator (which also outputs the appropriate timing signals to the IP) in verilog, and a 'top' module that connects the two together. The design needs an external clock, which I will supply and I found which pin I need to use to get a universal clock.

I have two questions:

1) The IP as a asynchronous reset, and the documentation says 'Asynchronous reset of configurable polarity. Assert, if PixelClk and SerialClk are not within spec.'. The comment next to the source code itself says 'asynchronous reset; must be reset when RefClk is not within spec'. Can someone explain exactly what this means in simple English? I could not find any signal called 'RefClk' in the design. Practically, what should I do with the reset?

2) I attached a picture of the synthesis schematic from Vivado. Now, my video generator has a video data output of 24 bits (3 8 bit RGB values), and the IP has a video data input of 24 bits. So what are the D and Q signals coming out of the video generator, and why are they 2 bits each?schematic.PNG.4e8f4c23a7689415bcf25a321b1114d0.PNG 

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1) it is easier to explain why this is. 

An internal PLL had to lock on to the pixel clock. If it fails to lock (because the clock is out of range when it attempted to lock) or it becomes unlocked (e.g. the clock stops or changes frequency) it needs to be reset so it can start liocking back onto the now stable input clock again.

I willwill answer (2) when I am not on my phone :-)


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Oh, sorry - I forgot to answer.

2) This is a post-implementation view. So any optimizations that could be made have been made. I am guessing (and this is only guessing) that during the optimization thnigs have been pushed around. Are you displaying a full range of colours? or just a couple? The 24bit RGB seems to have been reduced to just a couple of bits.

You can assign a "KEEP" attribute to the signals in the video generator block, and it should not optimize them away.

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