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NetFPGA PCIe detection in PC


Hello all,

After changing PC I want to continue working on NetFPGA-1G-CML board inserted into PCIex16 slot. Board was detected without any problem in my old PC, but my new PC wont detect board as PCI device, its invisible to OS (Linux/Fedora - lspci - device not shown in the list).

I tried more motherboards (PCs - like Gigabyte B85M-DS3H and ASUS H81M-R), but without success. Do you know about some constraints/requirements except size and speed of PCIe slot (these requirements are met on tested PCs) of motherboard (or other part of PC), which must be met? I didnt find any information about it in more detail.

Thanks for help and any suggestion.

My greetings

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I don't have any solutions for you, but I think the problem is due to the BIOS rather than speed or size of the PCIe slot. We haven't had any problems like this on servers, but have seen this behavior on several PCs with both Intel and AMD chipsets. If it is not the BIOS, it may be due to the PCIe link not coming up properly.

If you want to run an experiment, I suggest powering the board separately from the PC so that you can program it and reboot the PC and use chipscope (integrated logic analyzer) to monitor signals from the PCIe core.

I guess the first thing is to see if the link is up. If the link is not up, then nothing else will happen. If the link comes up, then trace configuration writes. You do not normally see the reads and writes of the core PCIe configuration registers, but we use MSIX and those configuration registers are handled in our user logic.

Hopefullly, someone else will chime in with a solution, so you can avoid this low level debugging.


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