Step by Step Project for ChipKit MAX32

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Hi, probably within next week i'll buy a max32 in order to start experimenting with mplabx. Actually i'm trying varioug things on other boards but the lack of clear documentation makes me a little difficult to move properly and accomplish clear results, so i would to know if is there a book, a website, youtube channel or everything else where i can find some step by step projects where i can learn not only the C code but this in relation the circuit and more important che official pic32 documentation.

I need to understand how to move inside it.

Someone can help me ?  Thanks

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The 1st link seems very usefull, thx. Instead i'm not sure about the second one because it's hard to find clear explanation about the sense of the single registers. They are listed but it's hard to understand what is their sense and how their presence affect or is affected the/from the others ones then if there is a write order etc.

I've found various projects with their sources but a lot of time i could not really understand them because i read some registry name for which i could not find a properly explanation.

I hope to find something clear in the learn page, thanks


EDIT: arg.. i've just noticed the learn page: sources are written in blink. I want to find things made with direct registers calls (TRISx, PORT... LAT etc...). How unlucky..

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