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how to build satellite for radio communication?


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That's a much longer topic, and well beyond the bounds of this forum.

While you may find some folks here  who have worked on satellites built for radio communication, the full topic of how to do so is ... typically beyond the ability of any one individual.

You should also know that the space environment isn't very friendly to computer chips.  Unlike the earth where items can be electrically connected to ground, satellites in space have no solid ground.  The space environment is known for accumulating charged particles on satellites until they experience "lightning" from one side of the satellite to the other.  It's also known for tiny particles of radioactive energy that can enter into a circuit and toggle bits within an algorithm.  Building chips and algorithms to operate successfully in this environment is a study in and of itself.  Most chips, FPGAs included, can't handle this environment.  It usually takes several years of working with a particular chip design before that design can be "space qualified".  In the process, the chip becomes quite out of date.  As a result, the electrical technology launched into space tends to lack what is on the earth by several years.


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I'm not trying to be an internet troll and perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you mean by satellite, but I suspect most of them are some expensive military grade processor that isn't very user friendly. This website seems to list some processors that have been used but it hasn't been updated in nearly 6 years...

On the other hand though, what exactly does a satellite have to do with Digilent products considering this is on a Digilent forum instead of something like stackexchange or reddit?


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Ah the user Riteshkakkar! You are here too with your ditto vague questions.

To the forum Admis and Mods: Let me tell you this member was banned from the forum edaboard.com about 2 months ago for *constantly* asking vague questions, without having any correlation among them. If you go through his started threads, you will understand what I mean.

How do I know this? Because I am an "Advanced Member Level4' at edaboard.com and have seen his vage questions from 2017 down to early 2018.

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