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Need help troubleshooting a simple Video test circuit using AXI IPs


I've been trying to understand how to utilize AXI-Stream IPs for Video processing and display via VGA for a few days now, but can't seem to get any circuit to work. Here is a test circuit I created:



I have a Video Test Pattern Generator connected to an Axi4-stream to Video Out IP driven by a Video Timing Controller IP. Here is a 100 ms simulation for the circuit:



Vsync does not get generated, so clearly there is something wrong with this circuit.

All examples I have found online include a MicroBlaze or Zynq processor with their design connected to the VTPG, could this be a reason my circuit is not working? Is it possible to do what I am trying to without a processor? What exactly is the role of a processor in these circuits?

My development board is a Nexys 4 DDR. I've gotten VGA to display in the past using IPs I created myself, but they weren't AXI compliant.

I have attached the tcl file to build my block design

Any guidance would be appreciated! 


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Hi @rnagpal,

I do not believe that you need a soft core processor to use AXI or AXI stream. I would look at your setting in the video timing controller and the axi4 to video stream IP's. I would refer to the product guide for more information on each IP core. You might want to use a set rgb image and get that working before integrating an hls ip for generating a test pattern.

thank you,



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@jpeyron Thanks for the quick response. 

I did go over all product guides to make sure I had a good grasp on these IPs beforehand. I'll read over them again just to make sure I didn't miss something. I'll try creating a static image and see if I can get that up. Here are the configurations for my IPs





Do you spot any problems?

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