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Reference design for mouse overlay


hello, I am interested in the following reference design:


The design currently does not provide any sources:


Is this project abandoned? I believe it had not been updated since 2015. Is there a later version available (this one, perhaps, or on github?) I am interested in the USB host with mouse, which I intend to implement on the Zybo/Zybo-Z7. Do you provide the sources for this project?

Is there a project you can recommend, There is also the BIST for the Zybo-Z7, maybe it contains relevant references?

thank you

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Hi @theUltimateSource,

Also here is the OOB Demo for the Nexys 4 upgraded to Vivado 2016.4.  Unfortunately, the USB host functionality on the Zybo/Zybo Z7 runs between the multiplexed IO at the ARM processor to an IC at the USB OTG port.  The USB OTG is directly connected to the Zynq processor. The communication between this PHY and the processor has not been developed and is not something that we would recommend trying to develop yourself (look at section 8 and 2 of the zybo reference manual here). We do not have a project in vivado/sdk that uses the USB OTG. Currently the only way to use the USB OTG is with Petalinux. Here is a link to the petalinux builds for the Zybo and Zybo Z7.

thank you,


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