OpenScopeMZ won't turn on.

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last year I backed the OpenScope campaign but only now were able to test the board.
It seems that I am not able to start the OpenScope MZ.

If I apply 5V (PC or external power supply), the red LED does blink shortly for a few seconds and then stays off.
The overall board gets a bit hot around ~46C.

I suspect that somewhere a component does not work properly, but I can not find the exact position. 
Also I am not able to establish a connection between the board and my computer.

Does somebody have an idea what the problem could be?


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Hey freeman,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble.  Assuming you have a Windows computer (let us know if not) can you try:

  • Open Windows Device Manager
  • Expand Ports and make note of the ports listed
  • Connect the OpenScope MZ to the PC via USB
  • Check if any additional ports are listed.

Let us know what you find.  Also, does the Blue LED flash at all?



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Hi Kristoff, 

thank you for the kick. Indeed the device works flawlessly!

I expected the device to show up in the Digilent Agent immediately. 
After checking that the device is shown under "system properties - usb devices" (I'm on a mac), I started Waveform live, did a firmware update and from there everything works fine!

(LED: There was only a very short flash of a red LED and otherwise no visual feedback.)

Thank you very much!

Cheers, freeman

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