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Lost serial com WiFire board to USB computer



I have been using the WiFire board Rev D for data collection.

A data stream is sent from the WiFire board to the windows computer over USB.

Programming is via Microchip Blockset for Simulink: http://www.microchip.com/promo/mplab-device-blocks-for-simulink

Downloadable code is auto-generated by Simulink (CTRL B to build)

Program loading is via Pickit3, the .elf file is attached.

This system was working fine, but suddenly the windows system can no longer see the com port.

How can I fix this?



One more note: the WiFire board should show up in Windows Device Manager as a com port, and it does not, see screen shot.

If I plug in an Arduino, it shows up as COM4, the WiFire should look similar.


device manager screen shot.png

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Hello @resodad,

I don't know if you have already attempted this, but I would likely recommend trying to uninstall the USB drivers associated with the Digilent WiFIRE, unplug the device, and then plug it back in to have the OS (hopefully) automatically reinstall the drivers. This thread also makes a case for disabling the COM port for the WiFIRE, then re-enabling it to help force recognition; I'm not certain if it will help in your situation, but it won't hurt to try out.

Let me know how it goes.


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Thanks JColvin, you were on the right track.

Thanks to Chris Korpela for your suggestion which turned up the problem:
Something on my system--firewall or other filters--prevents Windows from loading WiFire drivers.

I tried connecting to an off-the-network computer, and the drivers installed and a COM port popped as it is supposed to.

Now I know who to go to for help and what question to ask.



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