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no console in ttyPS0 : zybo 7010


Hey evryone !

i am using zybo 7010 in ubunto 16.04

I generate a BOOT.BIN and an image.ub, I put the two files in the SD card but it does not boot!

in vivado i activate UART0 and UART1.

jumper is good.
I enclose the two files system-user.dtsi and system-conf.dtsi.

my serial terminal is /dev/ttyUSB1.


please helpe !





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Hi @sami47,

I have reached out to a more experience embedded engineer about this thread. Did you make your self part of the dialout group as described on this forum thread here.

thank you,


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Are you using the Petalinux materials? They are here:


Even if you do not want to use petalinux as your build environment, you can still download it and check it out as an example of what your device tree should look like, and where you should checkout the Digilent u-boot and linux repos. Note it targets this vivado project:



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