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Using Digilent PmodOLED with ARTY board


I have a PmodOLED display board connected to the JA header on an ARTY board by Digilent.  I am using Verilog and have tried version 16.4 and 17.1.

I am using the supplied sample code to write to the display for the first time.  When I try to "Program Device" I get the following error message:

[Labtools 27-3303] Incorrect bitstream assigned to device.  Bitfile is incompatible for this device.


Can someone please tell me what the problem may be?




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Hi @Dave S.,

I have moved your question to a more appropriate section of the Forum.

To elaborate a little further on what @Alex said, which particular Arty are you using? The original Arty (A7-35T), Arty Z7-10, Arty Z7-20, Arty S7-25, or Arty S7-50 (hence why we are asking since there are so many different varieties). And as a confirmation check, did you choose the same FPGA when initially creating the Vivado project?


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