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Need Help : How to use XADC only as ADC to measure external input


I am facing problem in how to use XADC wizard in Nexys 4 DDR board

 I just want to get the digital conversion of external inputs and access that 12bits of digital output directly. I am new to this and for now, I'm trying to just interlink XADC and a 12bits of DAC to convert an analog input(taken from a function generator) to digital(which will be stored in FPGA) and then use that digital data to generate the same signal at the output of a DAC.

It will be really helpful If you can explain/provide a step by step process to do it.

You can help using block design or a source code.... whichever way possible.



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Hi @Ben007,

Welcome to the forums. We do not have a step by step tutorial on using the XADC. Here is the XADC Dual 12-Bit 1 MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter User Guide as a reference. We do have an HDL XADC demo here for the Nexys 4 DDR. Here is a forum thread that uses microblaze with the XADC which also includes sdk code. This should be useful to get you started if you are wanting to use microblaze. What DAC are you using? Something like the Pmod DA4? We do not have an IP core for the Pmod DA4 but we do have an ip core for the Pmod DA1. Here is the resource center for the Nexys 4 DDR.

thank you,


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