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Running FFTs with the API using the AD2

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Is it possible to run FFTs with the API?

I really like the Spectrum Analyzer feature in the Waveforms application -- are any of those features available in the API?  Specifically, I'd like to use the API to acquire time domain data from the Analog Discovery 2 (I do see the functions to do this), but then I'd also like to convert the time domain data to frequency domain.

I combed through the SDK, but I didn't see anything.



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Hi @Phil_D

I moved your post to the proper thread.

The WaveForms SDK provides access to the low level function.
The Spectrum Analyzer in WF application uses these function to capture data and performs FFT (or CZT). Then, a set of measurements and graphics are available. I think there would be too many options to fit in API.
You could perform similar acquisition with a custom application or script, using Python, Octave, LabView, Matlab..., where data processing (FFT) and even more sophisticated measurements (dedicated for various tasks) are available.

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