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Vivado missing Bit stream file


I have written many vhdl modules using vivado and every time I run my previous designs and generate a bit stream I immedietly hit program device and the bitstream is listed and I just click on that and the file streams to my board and its programmed.  Recently ive created a new design using features that are new to me.  every time I try to generate a bitstream with this new design it says write bit stream completed like it always does, but when I go to program the device with this design the bit stream is not listed and I cannot find it in any of the folders im working with.  I even tried to tell it where to put the bitsream because there is an option for that, but it is not being placed there as well.  I even took a step back and re-ran past projects from synthesis thru programming and the bitstreams all appeared in the selection box when you click program device.  after about 5 attempts and getting the same results every time where the bitstream doesn't show up I decided to write this message.  Can anybody tell me what im doing incorrectly.  I can give details and or files to support this claim.  Please let me know what to do.

Thanks In Advance


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Hi @DigitalConfig,

As a quick sanity check, is Vivado looking for the bitfile in the normal path structure folder? For me, on my Winodws machine this looks like (since I store all of my projects in a folder I named VivadoPrj):


Otherwise, the other thing I suspect might of happened (since it has happened to me) is this new project was initially created and stored by Vivado nested inside another existing project file folder, which I wouldn't doubt would cause Vivado to run into a problem. Vivado should also let you know where your project is currently stored in the Project Summary box inside of the Project Manager or at the top of the Vivado GUI where the minimize, expand/shrink, and close buttons are.

Let me know what you find.


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