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Hello @attila

Can you add spectrogram into Spectrum Analyzer? It will be great if one can see spectrum changes during time. I know that this option exist in Scope but spectrogram is linked with scope settings which is annoying. Also do you think that it will be possible to have 3D spectrogram, where the third dimension will be amplitude of measured signal?

Thank you.

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Hi @kojak

The Spectrogram is useful with large amount samples and this requires using the Record mode in Scope.
The Spectrum interface does not support record at the moment. The traces in the Spectrum interface perform FFT on entire capture, which with millions of samples can be very slow to process.
I think the Scope is the suitable place for the Spectrogram view where you can see at the same time the time domain signal and spectrogram too. Eventually there could be a separate instrument for Spectrogram.

Thank you for the for posting your request.


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Dear all,

I'm new on the formum and I'm looking to monitor a knock sensor signal on an engine.

I'm fine with the scope settings, but I'm struggling with the Spetrogram Resolution as I'm looking to measure signals between 6 Khz and 15 Khz (which should be fine with the BNC adapter and the probes, but I do not know how to modify it.

See pitcure below (stuck at 1.6Kz). As I can see on the above post of @attila, his settings can go up to 500 Kz.

Should I choose another setting in Device Manager? I have currently selected the line N°2.


Thank you for your help.



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