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Arty: Output data to PC



So far I have been working with my Arty (xc7a35ticsg324-1L) to perform some operations and now I am interested in connecting the Arty to the computer to send and to receive data.

I have never done it before but I see the Arty has an Ethernet port and a micro USB port, and of course it should be possible to work with both ports but I still have a lot of doubts.

What is the best way to connect the Arty to the PC? What would you recommend me to start working on it?



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Hi @Fields,

It would depend on your project needs. Usb uart is going to be less complicated to set up but runs much slower. Ethernet will move data at much higher frequencies but is a lot more complicated to set up. Here is an older tutorial that should be helpful for working with uart and you should look at the getting started with microblaze servers here for ethernet. One of our community members has hdl for the ethernet as well here.



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