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Arty-Z7-20 BSP for Vivado 2017.4


Hello digilent,

when do you update the Arty-Z7-20 examples and resources for this board?

Could you please make at least two examples: One with Maximum Support of the given hw (all Features of Arty-Z7-20) and one Basic example which has the Chance two be compatible with future Vivado Versions?

The Basic example should only be able to handle tcp/ip and uio, i would be very lucky.

Thank you...

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Hi @deppenkaiser,

I don't know when the Arty-Z7-20 demos will be updated to 2017.4, though I do know that is on the list to be completed. I have let our content creators know that there is some customer interest in the types of demos you described.

Thank you,

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