Its great that DIgilent Has a Bread boardable PCB Mountable version of the ARTY (THE CMOD Version).

However, It price doesn't reflect a true stripped down simplification.  I am wondering if DIgilent might consider stripping the CMOD version down even further such that its cost could be reduced further such that a HUB of many CMODs where only USB/JTAG FPGA FLASH and GPIOS would be needed and could be implemented at a minimal price.  I believe such a product would increase product demand, and of course meet my needs as well as others.

Such a device would result in a true PIP universal IC with a presumably bare minimum price tag. 

As a PCB mountable UNIT it doesn't seem to require the PMOD SRAM buttons or LEDs.  It listed as a bread boardable UNIT in which case has those features, however the ARTY Module has Bread boardable PMOD cables available, making such a minimal price difference unjustified where the user is just going to bread board.  The CMODs true nature of being PCB mountable seems to require a further circuitry simplification to lower its cost and make It more cost effective.

Is/Would this be possible on Digilent's part?



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Hi @DigitalConfig,

I have forwarded your suggestion for a stripped down version on the cmod a7 to the appropriate co-workers. I am not aware of any stripped down board being developed currently.

thank you,


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