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Analog Discovery 2 sample depth


Received my Analog Discovery 2 last weekend and now I am debugging a hardware of us where analog and digital is involved...

In the device manager I chose 2x8k for scope and 16x4k for logic.

When displaying scope and 2 logical inputs I see that the analog scope shows: 8192 samples @ 800kHz, which makes 10msec in total...this is also the whole screen.

In the logic part it tells 2048 samples @ 200kHz...


Why doesn't the logic part sample at 400kHz as it has half the memory depth per channel as the analog part? (4k versus 8k)


Is there a way to capture or log based on analog trigger where the timescale is around 50msec but the logic part should be able to decode 115.2kBaud?



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Hi @davorin

By default half of the Logic Analyzer buffer is used to capture noise. This can be disabled in the gear dropdown on the top-right.
To capture large amount of data use the Record mode, select Mode after the Run button.
The latest WaveForms beta version adds data compression for recording which improves streaming USB bandwidth limitation for burst signals, used in common protocols.


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