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FIND_dmgr files?



I am trying to use the DEPP     

 this is my code


HINSTANCE hinstLib; //Handle to the
 hinstLib = LoadLibrary("depp.dll");     <= works      anser is  0x10000000
    a= DeppGetVersion(   szVersion)     <= work      anser is  "2.8.4"
        b = DmgrOpen(&hif, szDvc) ;       < will not link


question where do i find    DmgrOpen    

                                         question 1) is this a DLL or lib

                                         question 2) where can i get the file 

                                          question 3) what is the name for the depp used in szDvc


        //  c = DeppDisable(  hif);   

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Hi @Richard_YAB,

DmgrOpen is in the dmgr.h library. You can find information about the function in the pdf for DMGR in the DOC folder for Digilent Adept SDK. If you look at the DEPP demo it gets the information from the board and puts it into szDvc. I believe that is done in the FParseParam in the first line in the DEPP main demo.

thank you,


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