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How to connect a PMOD MTDS to an Arduino Uno

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I'm trying to get a PMOD MTDS working with an Arduino Uno. I've read over the MTDS quick start guide and many other reference guides but cant seem to which pins to connect to/from the pmod to/from Arduino. Does it matter if I use digital vs analog pins? And how do I define those pins to ensure that the pins are receiving/ sending the correct information?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @nicholkj,

If you look at the arduino Uno's pin out here you can see that pins

10- cs 

11- mosi

12 - miso

13-  sck

which relate to pin 1-4 on the Pmod MTDS here.

Reset on the Pmod MTDS relates to the CS pin number +5. You can find this in the MtdsHal.cpp on line 233  

bool MtdsHalResetDisplay(int pinSel) {
    int pinRst = pinSel + 5;

You can change this to be any digital pin number on the Arduino. I would suggest choosing a digital pin from 5 - 7.

You can find the Arduino code on the Multi-Touch Display System page. 

thank you,


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