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Microblaze inputs


Hi, I'm new in FPGA. I have a design with vivado ipi and i don't know how to interact with an input hardware signal at the microblaze. I know that if the signal is external of the hardware, i can use GPIO module, but i don't have any idea of how do it with internal signals

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Welcome to the forum!

How you do this depends on the internal logic you want to read. Could you explain a little more about your project?

There are two primary ways for MicroBlaze to interact with internal logic:

First, via an interrupt controller. This is only used to trigger MicroBlaze to do something based on a single bit flag.

Second, via an AXI interface. This is likely what you will need. There are a couple of ways to do this, but my suggestion, at least to start with, would be to connect your internal signals to the gpio_io_i port of an AXI GPIO controller. Note that if your signals change frequently, or you can't just poll the signals, then you will likely need a proper AXI interface.



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