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Forum attachment limit?

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looks like I've exhausted my quota... The editor states "Drag files here... Max total size 0.08 MB".

Are there any limitations or forum rules I should be aware of regarding uploads? Will this reset?
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Hi @xc6lx45,

I don't think there is anything written down anywhere that you could have read that states this, but there's a ~10 MB total upload limit to members. Believe it or not, you're one of the first people (I think there have been others) to have hit this limit that didn't involve attempting to upload too large of Vivado projects. The immediate solution would be to use DropBox or something similar, or to create your own album/folder in the Gallery where the restrictions are more lenient and not affected by the upload total from the individual posts.

Otherwise, what I will look into creating is an alternate member group where this upload limit is increased (since I can't adjust it for individual members) and manually add users to this group as needed. Aesthetically, this group should look visually the same if that makes a difference to you. I'll send out a PM once this is done.


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