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General question about tutorials



I have a general question about how to try out tutorials, demos, and just how to look at a project folder.
When I open a tutorial/demo/project that I download from github, I always see a bunch of folders with the same names: hw_handoff, proj, repo, sdk, src, among other things.
Can someone please explain these names, and maybe names of other folders that I may see in other projects? Are the contents of these folders dependent on each other? Can I implement the project with just one? How do I use these folders?

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Check out the Using Digilent Github Demos tutorial, which explains how to run these demos. The "Projects Supported by this Tutorial" dropdown table contains links to the front-end pages for each demo.


For a little bit more specifics about the directory structure:

For the most part these folders separate sources that get used at different stages from the rest of the source. What I mean by this is that they are just organizational, so you don't really do anything with them yourself.

The hw_handoff folder contains a file that can be used to open the project directly in Vivado SDK, skipping Vivado entirely.

The sdk folder contains the C/C++ projects and source code that are needed for microblaze/zynq demos.

The proj folder contains the create_project script that takes the sources in the rest of the directories and turns them into a proper Vivado project.

The src folder contains Vivado source files.

The repo folder contains IP source files that may be from a different Github repository.



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