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Hi, I am a newbie...
I am interested in buying Embedded Vision Bundle, but i have some technical concerns.
I read on the datasheet of Zybo Z7-20 that the PCAM module is working (or preset) under the specific frame per second rate ( such as 30 or 60 fps) at the full resolution. 
( in this given link below, the supported resolutions are given as
* 1080p@30Hz
* 720p@60Hz )

I know that it is only a demo document, and i am hopping that with proper way i can get a higher frame rates at lower resolutions.

My question that is it possible to have higher fps rates (i.e 1000 fps) at lower resolution (i.e 750fps 320x240 pixels).

Thank you so much in advance,


Sirac KAYA
Pollution Control Technologies 

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Hi @pollutioncontroltech,

I do not believe you will be able to get the FPS you are looking for. The product brief shows the max image transfer rate. The highest fps i can see is 120 fps at 320 x 240. It also shows this in the datasheet for the OV05640-A71A

QSXGA (2592x1944): 15 fps
1080p: 30 fps
1280x960: 45 fps
720p: 60 fps
VGA (640x480): 90 fps
QVGA (320x240): 120 fps

thank you,


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Thank you @jpeyron for your swift reply.
I have figured that out too, now that you pointed out. Whereas before i thought these fps are only specific values to give hints.

Do you have any board/camera sensor preference that can perform between 500-1000fps ?

Sirac KAYA

Pollution Control Technologies

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