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what is the maximum ambient temperature for the Nexys Video to be operational?



I have been looking on the Digilent site for a while now but I haven't found what the maximum operational temperature of the Nexys Video board is.
I use the board to test another in house developed board but I need to run a thermal test at 60°C.
Is this possible with the Nexis Video?


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I'd be surprised if such information were available for this kind of product. As you know commercial products are typically rated for operation in the 0-70 degrees Celsius range and industrial in the -40 to 85 range. Of course maximum operation temperature depends on what your FPGA board is doing. If you run the DDR on the Nexys Video you know how warm the PCB gets. Unless there are specific components or sections like the power supply that can't cut it at 60 C I'd expect the application would determine the maximum substrate temperature of the Artix FPGA.

I've had some experience with specifying guaranteed working environmental temperature ranges for FPGA based boards and it's a tricky proposition. Vivado does help with predicting thermal rises for a particular design as far as the FPGA is concerned.

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