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Analog Discovery 1 micro usb replacement


I've got a problem with using my AD1 board, WaveForms is not detecting it anymore and it seems to be a usual problem with micro usb connector. I've checked continuity between connector pins on the pcb and the usb cable end and there is no connection between black/red wires and sides pins, only green/white seems to be connected to middle pins. Hence next I will try to replace micro usb connector but I couldn't find the same as used on the board. Can anyone have BOM/ part number for the connector?Or can I use any connector like molex (part number 47590-0001)?



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Link is to 180deg connector which is wrong, I've checked the connector and it's actually different, it has two mounting holes to the front, no mounting pads and has the horizontal orientation, type AB. Wisconn doesn't have the same on the offer?, most close are WMRU2-05FLBDSR-4.0 and WMRU2-05FLBDSR but they are type B.

The most similar seems to be TE connectivity 2134536-2


Also my board (rev c, PB200-244 as written on the top) doesn't have on the top layer those traces between D+ and D- (middle) USB pins and FTDI IC, maybe it's different revision?


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