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I want to interface DAC and ADC with some fpga evaluation board 

My requirement of ADC and DAC is following

DAC input ->sampling_rate=2MS/s frequency=455khz 

ADC Input ->Signal bandwidth=400khz 

i have no problem of resolution 

So someone please guide me or refer me some models of adc and dac along with some FPGA evaluation board that complete my requirements . Also  refer me if anyone know about some board that have build in adc dac along with FPGA

Any kind of help in this regard would be much appreciable 

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From what I know, none of our FPGA boards have a built-in DAC, but we do have a Pmod DA3 which should meet your output sample rate that you need. Alternatively, the Pmod R2R will accept 8-bits in parallel up to 25 MHz. As for the ADCs, I believe that all of our FGPAs have an XADC that will support a 500 kHz bandwidth at 1 MSPS as per XADC section of the Xilinx 7-Series Overview documentation. Additionally, the Pmod AD1 and Pmod AD2 both have a full power bandwidth at 3 dB greater than 10 MHz as per the datasheets for the embedded chip.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

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