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functions of pmod acl


In the code , there are many predefined functions and header files like...

ACL_SetMeasure(&acl, 0);
ACL_SetMeasure(&acl, 1);
ACL_CalibrateOneAxisGravitational(&acl, ACL_PAR_AXIS_ZP);

ACL_ReadAccelG(&acl, &x, &y, &z);

#include "xparameters.h"
#include "xil_cache.h"
#include "PmodACL.h"

where can we find these functions in header files....and can u provide any reference for this 

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Hello @Pujith Krishna,

If you press "ctrl" and click on the function prototype into the same time (ex: ACL_SetMeasure(&acl, 0);), you will jump to the function body. There, before every function you can find a text that gives informations regarding the function itself. Same with the headers.

Best Regards,

Bogdan Vanca 


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