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Raspberry pi3 & Basys2 communication via SPI?


Hello all,

Im new to this forum as well as new to the FPGA world. Currently i'm trying out a project that utilizes the Spartan 3e cp132 on the basys 2 to accelerate hash processing on my raspberry pi. I read somewhere that the basys 2's pmod host connector pins have 200 ohm resistors embedded to restrict current. Would it be fine for me to connect the digital spi pins of the RPI3 directly to the Pmod host pins of the basys or is the Pmod ACL2 required? In write up i read they directly connected to their fpga in similar projects but i wouldn't mind not destroying mine. Currently i have the pins attached to the JA slot except for the 3.3v wire.

Directly connected: http://catherineh.github.io/programming/2016/11/15/raspberry-pi-to-fpga-communication-example




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Hi @ChadW,

I'm not certain where the Pmod ACL2 fits into this, but yes you can plug in digital pins from the Raspberry Pi 3 directly to the Basys 2 since they both operate at 3.3V logic.


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