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Simulating VDMA,TPG and uB


Hello, dear FPGA enthusiasts!


Currently, I have been working with my OV7670 camera and can present it on an HDMI screen.

However, this was done without a simulation.

What I want to do right now is to use a TPG provided from Xlinix in my design and remove the OV7670 fully.

However, the problem is that I really don't know how to go next since I am using uB together with a VDMA and TPG.

I know that you can include the ELF file from the uB in order to simulate your design together with uB.

My question to you is where I can find C code for the TPG used in the nexys video board?

Is there any guidelines or documents that provide information on how I have to set up my design before I simulate AXI4 peripherals. 

Do I need to create my own testbench or is there testbench's out there that are already done?

Initially, I was using the ILA to test my peripherals but that is a very ineffective way of testing my models since it takes a lot of time and it is hectic to recompile when I make a small change.

I have attached my block design.








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Ok, found the example design concerning simulating the VDMA. If you place the VDMA block inside your block design, right click and press "open IP example" and dadam you will get the example design that contains the testbench for simulating the VDMA ( example design from the datasheet). I guess I can move further from there. Thx for the extra material though.

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