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WaveForms SDK Documentation Mistake


There appears to be a mistake in the WaveForms SDK Reference Manual supplied with the SDK. 

The document says:


HDWF hdwf, int idxChannel, char szNodeName[32], char szUnits[16])

But the function actually requires the idxChannel AND idxNode, like this:


HDWF hdwf, int idxChannel, int idxNode, char szNodeName[32], char szUnits[16])

I'm running the following code segment to get the different node options:

num_channels = c_int()
dwf.FDwfAnalogIOChannelCount(hdwf, byref(num_channels))
print(num_channels.value, "channels")
for i in range(0, num_channels.value):
    print("Channel", i)
    channel_name = create_string_buffer(32)
    channel_label = create_string_buffer(16)
    dwf.FDwfAnalogIOChannelName(hdwf, c_int(i), channel_name, channel_label)
    print(str(channel_name.value), str(channel_label.value))

    num_nodes = c_int()
    dwf.FDwfAnalogIOChannelInfo(hdwf, c_int(i), byref(num_nodes))
    for n in range(0, num_nodes.value):
        node_name = create_string_buffer(32)
        node_label = create_string_buffer(16)
        dwf.FDwfAnalogIOChannelNodeName(hdwf, c_int(i), c_int(n), node_name, node_label)
        print("  ", str(node_name.value), str(node_label.value))


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Hi @kdumont,

I moved your forum thread to a better section so the more experience engineers with WaveForms SDK will see your post.



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