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I am very new to Raspberry pi and I need help regarding my R-Pi and Pmod ACL2


I would just like to test the functionality of the SPI connection and that's it

I am not allowed to install any software I should just use the configure terminal

I have installed the spi-dev on my R-Pi  and I can't seem to find the ACL2

I'm sure I have connected them correctly

Pls help Thanks in Advance

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Hi @NewbieRaspPi,

The Digilent employees don't have a lot of experience with the Raspberry Pi so we can't speak very well towards the RPi side of things, but the Pmod ACL2 will not notify the host board when it is attached. I would recommend sending a read register command (page 19 of the datasheet) to read the device ID (page 24 of the same datasheet) to confirm it is working correctly. Otherwise I would use a different known working SPI example with the RPi to confirm you have the protocol set up correctly.


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