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Suggestions for a Image processing setup with FPGA and FMC.


I am gonna start a project with the following setup (attached the overview). I am doing a scaling function on the FPGA.

I was thinking about the Nexys Video Development Board. This board got an DP output. But it only has HDMI as input/output. I know that HDMI is almost DVI. I don't think I can use an adapter. I need the DVI-connector and not HDMI-connection.

Prioritized is the DVI--> FPGA--> DP connection. Next comes DP--> FPGA--> DP.

I need the DVI input according to the picture. I have been reading about a FMC DVI I/O on Avnet but I can not find it. 

Any help to solve this hardware/component setup would be much appreciated!
(Which FPGAs and FMC to use)





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Hi @oggw,

Would a passive DVI to HDMI connector work in this case? Is this the FMC you are talking about here? Unfortunately, I could not see it available on the avnet products page. I could not find another DVI FMC.

thank you,


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