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Channel and Pin Mapping to JS and Py



I am trying to do some test automation on the electronics explorer board. I have been looking through the Javascript and Python documentation and haven't been able to find a good mapping of values passed to the API's and where they correspond to the on-board resources. Does one exist?

I have really been struggling for example trying to enable/change power supplies. Have variable Vp/Vn values and Vcc (on/off/5v/3.3v).

Thank you for your time!


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Hi @Dylan

You can find the example samples/py/AnalogIO_ElectronicsExplorer.py in the SDK:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Digilent\WaveFormsSDK\

# enable positive supply
dwf.FDwfAnalogIOChannelNodeSet(hdwf, c_int(1), c_int(0), c_double(True)) 
# set voltage between 0 and 9V
dwf.FDwfAnalogIOChannelNodeSet(hdwf, c_int(1), c_int(1), c_double(6.0)) 
# set current limitation 0 and 1.5A
dwf.FDwfAnalogIOChannelNodeSet(hdwf, c_int(1), c_int(2), c_double(0.5)) 
# ...

In the WaveForms SDK Reference Manual.pdf you can find the analog io channel/node/value table for EExplorer:


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