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Question about interfaces to write on registers


First of all I want to apolagize if my questions sound a little bit dumb, I'm not familiar with FPGA's.

To give a little bit of context, my project consists in generate a digital signal (a triangular signal, close to a sawtooth) through an FPGA (Cmod A7) and then convert it with a DAC. The signal won't be static, i.e. the user should be able to change its slope.

So for the user to change the slope, I need an interface to control some register.


My question is exactly this, is there any interfaces available to write on registers in real time? I intended to use LabView with this interface https://www.labviewmakerhub.com/doku.php?id=libraries:adept:start but unfortunately I'm not being able to connect the FPGA with this, so I'm looking for alternatives.


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