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Programming Kintex-7 FPGA (Kc-705 Board) from raspberry pi



I want to program my KC705 board with raspberry pi.

I have downloaded adpet utilities and adept runtime on raspberry pi. 

I know python programming but I am not very fluent with c coding.

If anyone can help me with programming following modules it will be really helpful to me.

  1. programming FPGA with bit files.
  2. programming flash with bin file(or any other file format)
  3. If possible loading mfs files or elf files on DDR memory.

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Hi @Avanish,

I reached out to one of our design engineers about you thread and they responded that the djtgcfg application can program the FPGA on the KC705 board . Adept does not support indirect (via FPGA) programming of SPI flash memories. It also doesn’t support mfs and elf files. If you want to support items 2 or 3 you are going to have to implement it by writing a custom application and using the Adept SDK.

thank you,


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hi @jpeyron

I tried to search for djtgcfg in dpcutil_programmers_reference_manual and dpimref_programmers_manual but I could not locate this function call. 

Can you please elaborate or give an example of its use.

thank you.

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