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cannot connecto to terminal on Zybo Z7


Hello, just plugged in my new Zybo Z7 471-015 but cannot connect to serial port. It works on the Zybo. 

  • PROG UART is connected to USB PC
  • BSP stdin, stdout is set to ps7_uart_1
  • I have no other application open that is accessing the serial ports
  • to make sure I dis- and reconnected the Zybo Z7, still doesn't appear on the port list
  • Zybo Z7 appears as USB Serial Converter A and B in the device mngr
  • restarted PC
  • tried another USB port
  • replaced USB cable, both are data cables
  • JP6 is set to USB
  • JP5 is set to JTAG
  • drivers had been installed with Vivado 2017.2
  • re-installed Vivado 2017.2 cable drivers, restarted PC


USB port should be listed even without any PL configuration loaded, right?
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