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PmodIA on chipKIT UC32 issue


I have been trying to get the pmodIA working with the chipKIT uC32 using MPIDE 0150.

After hooking the I2C  pins on the pmodIA to the uC32's dedicated I2C pins on J11, Vcc to 5V or 3.3V, etc. , successfully uploading the example sketch to the board and running the IA_Test() function, the session fails to proceed upon trying to interact the pmodIA. I downloaded and installed the associated libraries and such about a week ago. Here is what I've been getting on the serial monitor:  

PmodIA Demo
Press 'r' when ready!!
IN test

Then nothing else happens, presumably due to the code trying to execute the setRegisterPointer(uint8_t RegAddress) function which I think is the first part involving communication with the pmodIA. Has anyone else been having this issue or has anyone been able to get the two devices communicating? Any ideas on what might be causing it? 

Thanks in advance.  



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Hi @kayemgray,

The honest answer is that I don't think anybody at Digilent has successfully gotten that demo to work. Another user on our Forum did get some code working for the Raspberry Pi and has a good explanation of what is needed to work with the Pmod IA here. The same library set from that user is also available as a .zip on the Pmod IA Resource Center if you aren't able to open the file posted by the user (it has a Linux based extension). There is also an alternate library in the MPIDE zip folder (PmodIA.c and PmodIA.h which aren't designed for the RPi) that appears to be correct, but I haven't gotten to test it.

I hope to be able to test these libraries this week, but on past threads I have said that I wanted to do the same but still haven't gotten the opportunity to do so yet.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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