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How to connect DMA with microblaze ?



 I've been doing a few beginner experiments with AXI peripherals and following some tutorials online on how to create AXI peripherals and implement on my Kintex board. So far, I've managed to successfully create a simple custom hardware block and connect it via AXI4-Lite.  

For counter program, Created a new design on Vivado includes AXI Stream data FIFO, AXI Stream FIFO, microblaze and aurora, and through in XSDK, I wrote C codes for counter program and executed. Its working Fine. 

      Help : I need to add DMA into the counter design. So, How can i connect DMA with microblaze ? However: I have no idea at all on how to achieve this DMA data transfer via AXI4 to the microblaze working memory. Any Example design also help me. If anyone has, please share to me. I need to connect DMA with microblaze. 


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Hello everyone,
i start a new project which i have to read the data coming from many sensor,I need to get data using the UART communication of course i use Microzed in Vivado , and i found it some difficult can you show me or can you guide me please to resolve this problem
Any idea where I can get the tutorial to setting the UART?

maybe i have to use the microblaze 

can you help me please.

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Hi @opoko,

The microzed board has a zynq processor. The UART1 is connected by default directly to the USB-UART device and the zynq processor. Looking at this Avnet forum thread the pmod port is connected to the ps mio pins. It might be better to use a board that has pmod ports that are connected to the pl.

thank you,


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@vkpen I have example project using a MicroBlaze and DMA via AXI Stream.  The project info is here. The key was getting DMA transaction to trigger from the UART.  That was done by formatting the bytes over the serial to have a EOP (End of Packet), packet formatting loosely follows SLIP/PPP  This will trigger the DMA using the AXI Stream  TLAST.  

The performance goal is to use 12Mpbs.

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