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Steven Menk

External Clocking FPGA Boards


I have an application where I need to synchronize multiple components (boards and test equipment) with a single common clock or a common reference.  I assumed this would be straight-forward with the Atlys board I have but seem to be mistaken.  Are there no PMOD modules or VHDCI modules that provide access to the clock inputs (GCLK) on the FPGA?  Preferably I'd like to run a coax cable, SMA, BNC, with LVTTL levels either a high speed clock or a reference that could then be multiplied up with-in the FPGA's DCMs.  Looking though the PMODs and the VHDCI modules that doesn't seem to be a ready option.  Am I missing something?


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Hi Steven,

First off, I apologize for the long delay in response time. We try hard to respond in a timely manner and sometimes that isn't the case. I have some good news for you though: The VmodMIB is exactly what you are looking for. It provides access to GCLK on the Atlys through several PMOD connectors. 


I hope this works out for you,


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