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Hey everyone! I registered here a while back but never got around to posting an introductory thread. I was happy to find such a large community surrounding Digilent boards and FPGA development in general.

I'm a newbie to HDLs and the process of hardware development in general, but I can say that I've spent at least a decent amount of time studying the theoretical principles of computing and machine design.

I have a background in computer programming, and it's been very interesting learning the many differences in methodology between programming and hardware description.

I know it's a total cliche, but like many others I have long wanted to design a general purpose CPU, which I have recently undertaken and made some good progress on. Even though the world probably doesn't need yet another ISA, I see this project as a labor of love and an opportunity to learn many different principles of circuit design.

So far I have:
 - Defined the ISA
 - Designed the ALU
 - Designed the primary register file and flags register
 - Partially designed the instruction decoder

There is a ton left to do, and I don't anticipate the project to be completed for over a year, much less fully validated, but that's all part of the fun! :)

You'll probably find me around here asking for feedback and asking newbie questions. Thanks in advance for your help and patience!

 - Curt

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