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Keyboard Shortcuts


Are there keyboard shortcuts available in WV 2015? If not, is it possible to write some ourselves?

To expand on this a bit, what I would like to do is make an encoder board that would give me direct control of some of the most used functions. This would imitate the controls of a regular scope i.e. A segmented dial for the timebase control, rather than using the mouse. I have seen a fellow named Colin make on for his PicoScope. A common complaint on USB scopes is the lack of hands on control of various often used functions. 


Thanks, Dave

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Hi @Old Printer

There are not such configurable or common shortcuts.
I use to change the range, time base... by bringing the mouse cursor of the respective entry field and using the mouse wheel to change the value. This method does not require any clicks, just bring over it and scroll.

The application keyboard shortcuts are noted in the menu, like:


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Thanks Attila,

I appreciate the feedback. Do you think what I am trying to do could be accomplished through the SDK and a separate installation? Perhaps even on the BeagleBone. What about LabView?

The lack of analog style controls has always been a minor complaint against USB scopes by those used to traditionally equipped machined. I just though this would be a good project for a hobbyist like myself to explore. I have access to a variety of CNC equipment through my work at a sign company that would make the physical and graphical side of this project quite feasible. The electronic and software side is the biggest challenge for me.

Can you recommend any other methods I might explore?

Thanks again, I am very pleased with the AD2. Any thoughts of a 4 channel version?

Dave Wulff

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