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PS/2 PMOD Rev C has incorrect silk screen


The PS2 Keyboard/Mouse PMOD Connector has incorrect silk screen.  The labels for VE and Gnd are backwards.  VE is really GND, and GND is really VE.  This is the +5V external input to power mice that run off of 5V (which almost all PS/2 mice actually do run off of 5V).  Swapping VE and Gnd caused me to burn my mouse.  It drew about a half-amp of current and immediately smelled that lovely smell of burning electrical components.  I had to purchase a second PS/2 mouse once I found out the problem.  If I connect the external power opposite of the silkscreen I am able to communicate with the mouse.  Can Digilent do something to make this up to me?



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Hi rman12345,

I'm very sorry to hear that you burned out your component. I grabbed a PmodPS/2 of my own and was able to verify that yes the silkscreen is labeled incorrectly with the added issue that there are no clear traces for the external power.

I am currently working with my supervisors to see what Digilent can do for you.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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