HDMI input for Nexys Video.

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I've finally got my HDMI input project to a point where I have something to show. This little picture makes me really happy:

Hdmi audio meters.jpg

This project does the following actions:

  • Advertise HDMI support over EDID/DCC
  • Receive the TMDS signals
  • De-serialize them into 10-bit symbols
  • Align the symbols using bitslips
  • Tune the input delays for best reception
  • Convert the TMDS symbols into data values
  • Extract CTL, Aux Data Periods (ADPs) and Video Data Periods (VDPs)
  • Extract Video Infoframes from the ADP data
  • Extract Audio Samples from the ADP data.
  • Extract Raw Pixels from the VDPs
  • Perform 422 to 444 conversion, if required by video format
  • Perform YCbCr to RGB conversion, if required by video format
  • Convert Studio Level RGB to Full Range RGB, if required by video format
  • Convert Audio smaples to a relative db level
  • Overlay Audio level meters over the video stream
  • Convert the video stream and sync signals back to TMDS symbols
  • Serialize them through a 10:1 serialisers
  • Transmit the TMDS.

I think that this is an awesome base for any video experimentation.

I've even got to the trouble of making a GitHub repo for it:


Please feel free to fork and extend.

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Is the issue with the 20ns solved now?  It is mentioned in the design sources. What I do not understand is the problem with the 148.5MHz and the spec. Why is that not possible?


Would you say it is possible to port this design to the atlys?



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