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HS2 speed setting issue in 2-wire JTAG mode


Hi All,

I am using the HS2 to drive ARC based system through the metaware debugger.

Some target require low speed communication so I use metaware speed reduction switch

-prop=dig_speed which must be translated to some Digilent speed settings call.

The issue is that although the speed gets globally reduced, looking on the scope, one can

see short TCK pulses of 200ns, irrespective of the speed settings, inserted in an otherwise

reduced clock signal. Even at speed as low as 200KHz this issue remains. This causes

target attach failure.

Picture describing the issue is attached.


I downloaded the latest runtime on digilent support site but still getting old drivers signature:

===== Digilent Adept =====
Adept System Rev 2.7
Adept Runtime Rev 2.16
Adept Application Rev 2.4.2
Copyright © 2010

Is this expected, any new drivers available ? Are there some workaround to fix the issue ?      

We acquired a large number of HS2 so fixing this issue is crucial for us.

Best regards,


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