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Analog Discovery SDK noise-related functions


The Analog Discovery SDK has a number of functions for sampling and reporting "noise."

I cannot tell from the documentation what the noise refers to.  It appears that the length of the noise data is 1/16th the length of the analog sample data.

Is it simply a way of doing min/max samplings on the regular analog data?  Is there a discussion of these functions somewhere?

I'd be most grateful for any further information on this topic.

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The scope/analog in sampling mode (filter) can be specified to be decimate, average or min/max.

Beside this a smaller buffer of min/max noise data is also acquired. This is plotted in the WaveForms application as a band to indicated glitches or higher frequency components that might be hidden by decimate/average samples.

To acquire min/max samples use the filter option, FDwfAnalogInChannelFilter.

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