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Starter FPGA?


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I think it is a bit like buying a bicycle. 

You can buy a low-end model and see if you like it. It will be enough to learn the basics, but if you are bitten by the bug you will soon find it annoyingly restrictive. If you enjoy it you will be staring all dewy-eyed at the high end models, wishing that you had one of them, regretting that you didn't buy a more upmarket model in the first place.

So, if you just want to learn the basics, then upgrade if you enjoy it, get the bottom of the line Basys2 - maybe second hand if you can find a student with one to sell.

If you want a mid-range board with more capabilities for the occasional kicking around on in the weekend, get a Basys3 (newer, faster, larger chip, more I/O than the Basys2, but still no off-chip memory)

If you are wanting to do the FPGA equivalent of a training for the Coast-to-Coast ( http://www.coasttocoast.co.nz/ ) -you will want one which can go the distance. If so, then get a recent Nexys model.

Maybe Digilent need a new FPGA t-shirt:

x = n + 1
(n = dev boards I have)
(x  = dev boards I need)


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