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External Clock Sync and Custom Waveform


I have an external event that operates at a frequency of 10-20 kHz that can be accessed through a TTL signal.  This TTL signal has negative peaks that last about 2 us which could potentially be used as trigger events.  I also have a custom waveform that I'd can load into the waveforms software via the custom tab and what I'd like to do is use the external TTL signals as a mechanism to march through each row of the custom waveform.  When the number of external clock pulses exceeds the custom waveform length I'd like the row to simply reset (e.g. modulo operator).  

Now to top it off I'd like this whole process to be triggered by yet a second master pulse that starts the whole crazy sequence.  Is this doable?  If so might someone point me to the appropriate Waveforms SDK functions?  Better yet, if some python pseudo code could be produced and you visit Pullman I will buy beers.  

The problem I have now with simply setting the frequency and using a master signal trigger is that there is some jitter that creates a scenario where the custom waveform "marches" out of sync with the master pulse.  



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